Geoforms is platform for creating and sharing multiple web forms with Leaflet map for location capture. It offers one-to-many relations in user-oriented design and map display to retrive location information.

Key features

  • One to many front-end HTML5 applications with form elements and map for collectiong data and displaying results.
  • Responsive design
  • Geoforms API-server for storing and publishing data.
  • Administration interface for managing submitted forms and downloading data in XLSX or CSV format.


Admin interface login page.
Admin interface welcome screen.
Admin interface table view.

Live example: Bird of the year 2017
If You are interested or want additional information, just contact me here

  • html
  • js
  • require.js
  • leaflet
  • php
  • silex
  • mysql

Mihkel Oviir:2015-09-07
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